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I was very excited to purchase a 2013 Arctic Fox 32A last October, but the condition of the trailer at delivery was disappointing. The beautiful woodwork was chipped and scratched throughout the trailer, lack of support under kitchen floor, all the wiring for the tank

heaters hanging from an open junction box underneath unconnected, DVD and tank level monitors not working, latches missing on cabinets, and other things to numerous to mention.

The dealer I bought it from went out if business over the winter, sometime after I had left it there for 3 weeks to get things fixed. When I picked it up only the DVD and the missing latches were fixed.

In spite of the poor quality control, my main issue is the pathetic paint job on the frame of this $56,000 trailer. We only use it one time during the winter where it went through any snow, and a few months later the entire frame is covered in rust. Their service manager Dave Mann simply says its from road salts and "chemicals" and refuses to do anything about it. While nothing will protect a surface from salt indefinitely, there are plenty of products that won't

disintegrate in a few months from a little road salt. They proudly call this a four season trailer, and they should use a quality paint that provides some level of protection. There's no way to just touch it up, it's covered with heavy rust all over and I have to redo the whole frame at my own expense after having it 6 months. They wasted my

time getting an estimate, but flatly refuse to help at all. I think they will pay to fix the interior flaws, but the paint should be taken care of also.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Newington, Connecticut, United States #1327721

I have the same story with my 2015 NASH ! , frame is all rusted including axle and brake backing plates.

They had a tire blowout when being delivered and it crushed the copper gas lines going to my refrigerator. I could go on and on about other issues as well.

Dave Mann in there quality group is useless ! I'm surprised he still has a job as he is not helpful at all.

The trailer concept is good , but there quality process is off the tracks.

They need to have a "quality stand down" and reassess the production process.

Never again a Northwood product ! Buyers beware .....

Los Angeles, California, United States #963114

I have a 2014 22h with the same rust problem. Northwood told me the same thing and that the dealer should have touched up the frame. What a joke!


So why would you accept a trailer with issues? BTW, no one builds a better trailer than northwood.

to Anonymous #902264

Northwood builds *** and treats their paying customers like $%#&. The custmer service staff ( MATT TURLEY) at Northwood are pathetic.

to Anonymous #1006507

I've been crawling under the my 22h touching up the frame with rust- oleum paint. Never again will I buy a northwood product.

Too many quality manufactures to choose from!

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